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 This float is a must for drift divers! After the hook up, this unit will remain upright and will not sink. Your flag is always visible. We tested this system in a 4 knot current successfully. Made with a tough "polyform", inflatable buoy with PVC hardware and a 5lb weight. Comes complete with 20"x24" nylon flag and tow harness. Many dive shop charter boats on the Florida east coast use this float and call it "A Life Saver". 

 Many drift divers are not seen by other boat operators because most of the smaller floats will submerge, flag and all during this type of diving. This product could prevent a serious accident with other boats in the area. 

FMS-1 Boat Dive Flag Mounting System
Display your flag the quick and easy way for high visibility at all angles, great for small and large boats. Attaches to bow rail, center console or bimini top with enclosed tie wraps. Pull rod and flag out when not in use for easy storage, comes with 20"x24" flag. $28.00

SSF 1 Super snorkel float and flag 5" x 11" closed cell PVC buoy float that will not crack or chip on reef like styrofoam. Comes with flag tiedown, tow harness, 14"x16" flag and 2 piece breakdown. $28.00
BF150 Bullet Float and Flag
This dive float has become out best seller, made with tough closed cell PVC 5"x11" buoy. We use a 1 1/2lb. lead weight to prevent it from tipping over. Comes with a 14"x16" vinyl flag with tie down and harness. 2 pc break down. $39.00

 For use in high boating traffic areas. Stand six foot tall for greater visibility, comes with a 3lb weight, a 14"x16" vinyl flag, harness, 3pc breakdown design and flag tie down. $44.00

14" X 16" vinly dive flag. $7.75
20" X 24" vinyl dive flag. $12.75
20" X 24" nylon dive flag. $11.75

 Our products are made from the finest materials. Please check out our Testimonials page to read about how pleased our customers are with their products. You will be very pleased as well if you decide to purchase a tropical fish net or dive float today!

Dive Flag Float Products

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scuba diving flags
scuba diving flags
HF027 HI-FLYER. $44.00
FMS-1 Boat Dive Flag Mounting System. comes with 20"x24" flag. $28.00
DDB-1 Drift Diving Buoy & Flag
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SSF 1 Super snorkel float and flag $28.00
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All dive flags come with stiffeners
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