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Back in the early 70's SLIC originated the round buoy ball type float and flag in the Florida Keys. With its unique tow harness, this float remains upright and visible at all times. These safety floats took the place of the styrofoam tube float that would sink when pulled, flag and all. Not a good idea! We have sold thousands of these safety dive floats throughout the U.S. and now have become the standard. We make them to last many years.

We make all of our dive floats and tropical fish collecting net products with only the finest materials. You can even check out our testimonials page to see customer reviews about our products. 

In addition to our high-quality dive floats, we also offer tropical fish collecting nets that are world famous because they are the only known invisible fish collecting nets. For over 35 years, professional collectors and sport divers have used our fish nets and enjoyed amazing results. Our acrylic nets are the only invisible net on the market today. Some will claim that theirs are invisible, but the result is disappointing.  With our nets, we guarantee that you will catch more fish because our nets have very little drag in the water. Unlike fishing with other nets that create more drag, with our fish nets, you’ll be able to catch free swimming fish. For people who are serious about collecting fish, our tropical fish collecting nets are a must. They are guaranteed to work!

From bullet float and flags to barrier nets, SLIC Dive and Aquaria is your one-stop shop for safety floats and fish collecting nets. Call us today!
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invisible tropical fish net
invisible tropical fish net
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